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The Full Story

Alisha and a few others were referred to me by my realtor. I interviewed five and chose to work with Alisha. Alisha is personable, reliable, organized, calm in general but also under stressful circumstances, flexible when timelines must be changed, and has an amazing can-do attitude. An important bonus that Alisha brings is a vast network of resources. She is well connected and was able to add additional organizers when needed, introduced me to moving companies, arranged and took care of taking clothes to charity organizations, supplies to homeless shelters and household appliances and dishes etc. to Salvation Army. I was in a stressful situation with a tight timeline. My husband had recently passed away. The house was in shambles and I wanted to put it on the market in four weeks. Alisha and her team first helped me declutter and organize the house for showing. I decided to stage the house myself with her assistance. We accomplished that in less than a month.  The house sold within sixty days and then I had less than two weeks to move from where I had been living twenty-two years. Alisha came back and organized a very complicated move. I had long term storage, short term storage, a van load going to my daughter and furniture being donated. This all got accomplished in the two-week period! I have to say I could not of done it without her.  I am forever grateful!

— Brenda F, San Jose

I used Sort Your Nest for a project to organize my pantry, kitchen drawers/cabinets and laundry room storage.  Alisha is very professional, efficient and easy to work with.  She has a patient, calm and helpful demeanor and took the time to talk to me about my vision for each space we were organizing.  She asked me detailed questions about how I organized, what types of storage containers I preferred, which items I used most, etc.  She was methodical in her organization process and helped me understand my needs through her thoughtful, thorough questions.  After she had a strong sense of my needs, we talked about the storage purchases I needed and then she stuck to the budget I had set for purchases. After we purchased the products, she went about creating organized spaces for each of the areas.  I am a person who often tries to organize – I keep things tidy for a while, and then it all starts to fall into disarray.  I am happy to say that Alisha helped me organize the proper way to allow me to maintain the organization over time.  I am pleased to say that I have maintained the organized areas for 5 months now.  These areas now feel calm and uncluttered which brings peace and order to the house.   The investment in Sort Your Nest services was well worth it.

— Holly S, San Jose

We were getting ready to remodel our kitchen, and needed to clear space in our very messy garage to create a "make shift " kitchen, and to store all of our items.  I am normally someone who is organized, but for some reason this project completely overwhelmed me. Alisha came in and completely saved the day!!  Her systematic efforts, attention to detail, and vision for the space was exactly what I needed.  She also doesn't stop until the task is all the way complete, and the best part is that she got all three of my kids to buy in and participate!! Through her organization, we were able to function through out the whole remodel with ease. She also had the foresight to organize so that once the remodel was done I was able to unpack the kitchen efficiently.  I can't tell you how many times during the year of our remodel that I stopped and thought, this would never have worked with out Alisha!!  My kids also use her system now when reorganzing their rooms, and I do the same.  She is a rare gem... I HIGHLY recommend Alisha for any project you have!

— Wendy F, San Jose

Alisha from Sort Your Nest was so thoughtful about re-organizing my stuff. She asked questions about how I use certain things and how often I needed to access them. And then she made piles of "Keep", "Donate" and "Trash."  Alisha tripled my storage space and every time I open a closet I'm so happy to be able to find what I need, I highly recommend Sort Your Nest and would definitely hire Alisha again!

— Erin S, San Jose

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