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WHAT are the Benefits of being organized?

Mental & Physical Health 

Living in a chaotic and unorganized environment can contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression.  This can lead to a lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and sluggish energy.  Getting organized can bring more calm to your life, which can improve your overall physical and mental well being.


Stress and anxiety caused by clutter can negatively impact relationships with friends and family.  A more organized and calm version of YOU can ease tensions in relationships.  Living in an organized home can also provide children a more structured environment to thrive in.


Focus & Productivity 

A cluttered space can equate to a cluttered mind.  Once your mind is free of clutter and your space is more efficient, you'll find fewer things to distract you.  You'll have better focus and a boost in productivity.

Save Time 

Once your space is organized with a place for everything, you will save A LOT of time trying to find things and manage activities.  The more free time you gain, the more time you can spend with the people and activities you enjoy.

Save Money 

A disorganized, cluttered environment often results in buying the same things again and again.  Once organized, it's much easier to see what you have and save money on unnecessary purchases.


Enjoy More

Living in an organized space can improve your enjoyment of it, as it feels more attractive and inviting to you. And, feeling peace and pride in your home can have a positive effect on your overall life.

WHAT does the "Organizing Process" mean? 

There are some basic steps in getting organized.  An easy way to remember is...





sort your stuff

the excess (trash, recycle, donate, sell)

customize your space with zones and a place

maintain and enjoy the transformation

WHY hire a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is a great option if:

• You don't know where or how to start your organizing project  

• You have a difficult time staying motivated

• You just can't make another decision about what to get rid of or where to put it

• You need new perspective or new ideas about organizing

Professional Organizers (PO's) LOVE to organize and they have experience and resources to help with your project.  They will motivate you to keep moving forward and will be an accountability partner to you.  PO's will help you when decision fatigue sets in (because it will) and they also bring an objective viewpoint, as opposed to your partner, your mom, or BFF.  You will have the opportunity to learn new organizing tricks and and gain a fresh perspective.  Hiring a professional organizer is an investment in your future.

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