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Ornament Organization: testing two ornament storage products


There are many ways to organize holiday decorations. My ornaments were in need of a new home, so I decided to test these two products from The Container Store:

This is how my ornaments looked before (even professional organizers have organizing projects at home). I liked these boxes the ornaments are in, but I always find that the cardboard dividers are flimsy and don’t work well for me. These boxes are also too deep, making it difficult to access ornaments on the bottom. I needed a new solution.

This project allowed me to go through my ornaments and organize them into groupings that make sense to me. The containers allowed me to store those groupings together.

VERDICT Thumbs up for both products.
What I like: the canvas trays are stackable and the dividers are much more durable. As with most dividers, you can customize the size for different shaped ornaments. The red canvas zip-up bag holds two stackable trays (3” diameter grid) and zips up nicely. It worked well for my smaller round ornaments and smaller categories. The green canvas trays hold ornaments up to 4” diameter and worked really well for the large ornaments and larger groupings. The green canvas trays can be stacked in a regular clear plastic bin (74 Qt. recommended), but I used a 62 Qt and it fit nicely. Best of luck getting organized this holiday season!

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Alisha Pangburn, owner of Sort Your Nest is a professional organizer in the Greater Silicon Valley, CA. She helps clients get unstuck and get started on their organization journey. She believes if you "organize your space, you can transform your life." Alisha is a proud member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Women's Networking Alliance, serving on the Education committees in both organizations. She is a lover of dogs, people, fitness.... and coffee!!


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